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Fabrice Toussaint is a hands on reservoir engineer with over 25 years of practical experience. He's particular keen to tackle tough challenges.
He has been involved in various phases of a field development, from early Exploration to enhanced recovery in mature fields, always keen to provide a bespoke solution to address specific requirements of each asset.

DINOVA PETROLEUM Ltd specialises in developing applications based on SPE papers to solve practical problems in Oil and Gas business.
To name a few, we currently cover techniques such as Deconvolution of wellbore storage as well as pressure rate , Diagnostic Fracture Injection Tests, Capacity Resistance model, Waterflood efficiency with streamlines, welltest interpretation in fractured reservoirs



To get the most of your assets, we always endeavour to define the scope of work that provides you most value based on your needs and the data. We are particularly focused on:
- Quick asset assessment for M&A
- field revitalization
- Well test interpretations
- Reservoir simulations
- Data quality check
- Peer reviews of subsurface work
-Reservoir model Quality check