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Asset Evaluation
In a data room is open, there is generally limited time to review all the data and decisions have to be made on where to focus and the critical points that need investigation.With experience, one can quickly detect identify areas requiring further analysis. This is then followed by the definition of a scope of work that can  deliver the most value for the time available.
Interactions with team members are as well fundamental as the value might lay in between disciplines.
Data room exercise requires focus, team effort and intensive work and this is way we can really help boosting your capability.
Well test interpretation
We can use the Den Iseger algorithm for Inverse Laplace transform which is key in wellbore deconvolution storage and pressure rate deconvolution. Having a real drawdown signature of a test can avoid misinterpretations.

Reservoir simulation
This is always a time consuming and difficult exercise. It's probably easy to find junior reservoir engineers keen to tune the parameters, but having a sense of uncertainty on data, an undertanding of the objective of the simulation requires more experience.
In any case, there is a lot of work involved, and expensive decisions are made on the results, often without adequate quality checks.
We can provide a detail review of the models to check if assumption are sound and that physics is respected. 

Workflow Peer Reviews
Not every problem has to be answered by a reservoir model. Understanding uncertainties and defining the most appropriate method to solve the issue can save a lot of time and energy.
We are happy to be involved at early stages of development and provide insight on the best ways to be efficient and pragmatic.

Field revitalization
Having day to day operational issues is a burden that can hinder long term planning. Having an external look from experienced professionals can just provide the necessary ideas that can identify value creators. We can review the asset and provide technical responses to some of your challenges, as well as out of the box ideas. One key aspect is the possibility to find the necessary data by indirect means even if they have not been measured. The right advice at the appropriate time can really change the day.